Washing dishes

It was a rainy beginning of the afternoon and H was watching a movie at home, comfortably laying down on the couch when she got a text from J.

– I will be a little late coming back home, it said.

– when I am back, I will give you the punishment you deserve for being such a naughty girl, it continued.

H smiled. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve any punishment but she was excited and couldn’t wait for J to come home.

When she heard J coming from the back door, H was still doing the dishes. She still had several plates and utensils in the sink with soap on. J came slowly behind her.

– I am almost done, H said, turning her head with a smile. Her long hair was braided, which she often did when it was raining.

– Keep doing the dishes, J said. Actually you’re going to have to keep your hands in the sink, you’re not allowed to take them out.

While he was saying that, J started to reach for H’s breasts, touching them, caressing them. She tried to reach for his hands but J interrupted her movement:

– No, no, he said, you’ve got to finish the dishes. I’ll do what I please while you’re finishing them.

H. could feel her nipples getting hard as J was touching her.

He kept his left hand fondling her breast as his right hand started to unbutton H’s jeans. Soon he took her jeans to her knees, revealing her shapely ass in a thong,

– Smack, smack, J spanked H gently.

– You’ve been such a naughty girl today, J said.

H was about to say something but J covered her mouth,

– No, you’re not allowed to say anything. Just work on the dishes while I teach your ass a lesson.

J kept his hand on her mouth as he spanked her pretty hard. She gasped. She wanted to talk, to tell him to stop, but J’s hand prevented her. She felts the sting of the slaps on her ass.

– Smack, smack, smack, J spanked her harder

She tried to move but J was holding her firmly. Her ass was burning,

J had removed his pants and she could feel his hard cock on her. His hand went down to her throat and was firmly holding her while he started kissing and biting her ears. She let a moan out as he bit her right ear harder and she felt his cock on her skin, so hard and full of blood.

– You make me so hard, naughty girl, J said.

– I want you so bad, he said softly in her ear.

H wanted to move but her hands were still full of soap and J’s tight hold made her unable to.

J turned her head towards him and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue in her mouth. She liked it when he was kissing her like that, feeling his beard on her soft dark skin.

She felt his finger reaching for her pussy, touching her clit, opening her labia.

– You’re already so wet, dirty slut, J said.

She was.

She had been so aroused, waiting for him the whole afternoon, thinking about what he would do to her. She could feel her blood going to her clit. She could feel her labia getting full and her pussy getting moist. J fingering her had her pussy dripping with juice. He was holding her firmly with his hand on her throat, almost choking her, and still kissing her with passion.

– You make me an animal, J told her as he lifted her off the floor with his strong arms, her wet hands full of soap reaching to hold herself.

He laid her down on the couch and ripped her thong out of the way as his hard cock penetrated her.

God, it felt so good. Feeling his cock inside her, reaching so deep in her. Her pussy was on fire, she was gasping for air as her clit was full of blood and her juice was dripping on the couch. J was holding her arms up, holding them tied together with one of his hands, while his other hand was grasping her breasts, her nipples, squeezing them so hard.

As he was still holding her firmly, J started sucking on her breasts, trying to swallow them whole. Licking her nipples and sucking them was driving H crazy. Feeling his hard cock going back and forth inside her, she could feel an orgasm mounting. She couldn’t resist it.

– I want to come, she said, panting.

– No, not yet, he said as he kept pounding her harder and harder. The couch was moving on the floor as he was pushing on his legs as hard as he could to reach deep inside her. He was pulling her legs up now and thrusting his cock inside her, impaling her. The sight of her full breasts rocking back and forth was making him crazy.

– Fuck, fuck, she screamed.

– Please, let me come, she said, panting, almost out of breath. She couldn’t hold it anymore, her full clit was too much, she couldn’t feel her nipples, so hard.

– Yes baby, J said.

H came right away, her juice gushing on him.

It felt so good.

Then she felt it. Him coming inside her. His warm cum was all inside her. It was so good. He was moaning on top of her as she touched his hair gently.

He pushed her affectionately on the couch so he could cuddle with her. J embraced her with his strong arms, making sure she wouldn’t get cold. They cuddled for a while, resting. H liked feeling his breath on her, feeling his heartbeat slowing down.

J was kissing her neck, her ears. Her dark skin was so soft, her smile so calming. J moved a little and started kissing her breasts, her nipples. He loved sucking on her tender nipples. He could feel them getting harder under his tongue. He grabbed her breasts with his hands as he started to kiss down her toned abs. He kneeled down on the floor next to the couch and his tongue was soon reaching her clit. He started to kiss it, his tongue teasing it, licking her all around it then sucking on it a little.

His tongue felt so good. She liked using her magic wand vibrator when he was away but there was nothing better than his warm, wet tongue on her clit. Opening her labia with it, J was slowly warming her clit up, biting it gently. She moaned, it was so arousing. As J was thrusting his tongue inside her more forcefully, she felt a huge wave of pleasure coming.

– Don’t stop Baby, she moaned.

– Keep going.

– Slowly, she said in a soft voice as she pushed his head down on her, positioning it in the best spot.

– Fuck! Ha!… Fuck! She said, feeling another orgasm coming.

She pushed his head down.

– Yes, yes, she said as his tongue was going back and forth between her labia and her clit.

She came. It overwhelmed her. J felt her juice flowing. She pushed him away and he looked at her, happy he could satisfy her. He could see her eyes closed, her face still showing the pleasure she just had.

Feeling her juice flowing made him even harder. He wanted her so much.

He turned her around. She still had her eyes half closed when he penetrated her from behind. She moaned. Her wet pussy was so good. She was panting. He pulled on her braids as her back was arching while he was pounding her from behind. She was on all fours on the couch and he could reach so deep in her, standing behind her. Looking at her ass and his cock going in and out of her pussy was making him so hard. She had such a hot ass.

– You know all the guys want to fuck you, J said.

– Your fucking ass, your big breasts, you make all the guys so hard, you know that, don’t you! He said.

– But I am the one making you come Babe, he said as he thrusted his cock hard in her.

– Only you Baby, she moaned, and she felt his cum in her, again.

They fell on top of each others, exhausted. They were both satisfied.

She was falling asleep as he was watching her. He smiled at her and pulled a blanket on them.

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