It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning when Emily pulled into Miss Summer’s driveway. She was very proud of having been collared a few weeks ago and that Miss Summer was giving her assignments. She had her own key so that she could come early to take care of the house’s chores. She entered the house, quietly as not to wake up Miss Summer, changed into her maid’s outfit and started cleaning the floors before dusting the furniture.

As it came closer to 9am, she started preparing breakfast for Miss Summer. Toasts with strawberry jelly, eggs, and a glass of freshly-pressed orange juice. She left the tray next to Miss Summer’s bedroom and headed for the patio. Miss Summer would soon wake up and she liked to have a walk in her beautiful garden after breakfast. She had a wonderful collection of orchids and exotic flowers and it was Emily’s job to take care of them. Emily started watering the flowers.

She was so focused on her job that she didn’t hear when Miss Summer came behind her.
– Here you are, you little idiot! Miss Summer said with a stern voice.
Emily was surprised and confused. Miss Summer seemed upset. What had she done? She felt like she had done a good job this morning.
– Good morning Miss Summer, Emily said while turning towards her. Did you enjoy your breakfast?
– And she has no clue about what she did, this little idiot. Of course you don’t! Your little head is too small I presume. What am I going to do with you?

Emily felt terrible, she must have messed up again. She kneeled in front of Miss Summer.
– I am so sorry Miss Summer. I don’t know what I did wrong but I didn’t mean it.
– Of course you didn’t. You’re just too dumb to remember what I said. Come here.
Miss Summer walked to the end of the garden, Emily following on all fours. She stopped near a place that Emily had watered before.
– Look! How many times do I have to tell you? You shouldn’t water this orchid that much. It’s very sensitive to too much water. See what you did, you dumb ass?
Emily was so ashamed. Miss Summer did tell her not to water it so much and she had forgotten. She felt so bad to having upset Miss Summer.
– I am so sorry Miss Summer, she said. I am so bad. I won’t do it again, I promise.
– I sure hope so. I am tired of you. I think you need a lesson here. Come here.
Miss Summer led Emily, still on all fours, to the corner of the garden and grabbed her skirt up, revealing her ass.
– Stick your naked ass up, she said, as she pulled her thong down.
– You’re going to stay like this until I come back. Think about what you did! And I don’t care if the neighbors see you like this.

Emily felt so humiliated. But she knew she deserved it. She was so happy serving Miss Summer, she didn’t pay attention to her task. Now she was on display, her naked butt could be seen by the neighbors or people passing by in the street. What would they think of her? They would know she was a slut.

After a while, she heard steps coming towards her. Miss Summer was coming and talking to someone. Emily felt aroused.
– Here is my little slut, Miss Summer said to her friend. Look what she did with my orchid. Isn’t she so badly behaved? And she didn’t even apologized. I don’t know what to do with her.
Emily felt so bad. She had upset Miss Summer and she knew she had behaved badly.
– I beg you to forgive me Miss Summer, Emily said tearfully, still on all fours, but facing Miss Summer’s shoes. I will be better and serve you as you deserve.
– That’s better! But I need to punish you for what you did. You are going to entertain me.
Miss Summer said as she attached a leash to Emily’s collar. Come on, my little doggie, come follow me.
– Come on slut, be a good doggie, Miss Summer’s friend said, laughing. Oh, you were right, she said to Miss Summer, she does need some training.
– Take she leash, Miss Summer said. She is yours. You hear that, slut, you belong to Melody today. Do a good job, make me proud!
– Certainly Miss Summer, thank you so much. It’s my privilege to serve you, Miss Melody.
– Call me Goddess bitch! I won’t be so kind to you as your Mistress is.
– Yes Goddess! Emily said in a sheepish voice.

Melody pulled on the leash and made Emily crawled next to the swimming pool while Miss Summer was laughing. Arrived at the pool, they took their clothes off.
– Take care of that, bitch, Melody said as Emily rushed to take care of the clothes.
– Yes Goddess. She said as she folded the clothes nicely. May I bring you some drink?
– Yes, orange martini. Good girl!

Emily felt so happy. At least she was able to contend her mistresses. She felt so fulfilled to be able to make them happy. She went to the kitchen and pressed some orange to make the martinis. She brought them to the pool. Miss Summer and Melody were sitting on the long chairs, soaking the sun.
– Come here bitch! Melody said. Put some lotion on me, Melody said as she untied her bra and laid down on her stomach.
– Yes Goddess! Emily said. She started to put some lotion on her back. Her skin was so soft. Emily was trying to do the best job of massaging her and putting the lotion on.
– You like that, don’t you? Melody said. You like touching me.
– Yes Goddess, your skin is so soft.
– Kiss it, Melody said.
– Yes Goddess, thank you! Emily started to kiss her on her arm and back, going down on her back towards her butt, kissing her thigh down to her feet.
– Good job, you’re pretty good. Melody said as she turned around.
– Thank you Goddess! Emily said, so fulfilled. She was stunned by Melody’s toned body.
She hesitated a moment when Melody grabbed her head and pulled her towards her breasts!
– Suck my tits! Melody said.
Emily started licking her nipple, very slowly. Then she sucked on it a little harder. She could feel it getting harder under her tongue.
– You like that, my little bitch, Miss Summer said. She untied Emily’s bra and reached for Emily’s breasts. Miss Summer started pulling on Emily’s nipples. Emily felt aroused, her own tits getting hard under Miss Summer’s fingers.
– You like when I pinch your tits, little slut, don’t you? Miss Summer said as she pulled on Emily’s nipples harder and harder, making them hurt. Emily made a little noise and stopped licking on Melody’s tits.
– Don’t stop slut, Melody said, you are doing a good job.
Miss Summer was still pulling on Emily’s left breast but her right hand reached down to her pussy.
– Look at that! Miss Summer said with a laugh,the little slut is wet already. You are certainly making an effect on her.
Emily’s face flushed red. She was indeed so aroused, being Goddess’ pet. Her juice had started dripping on her thighs.
– Good, Melody said with a smile.You have redeemed yourself, little slut. But I won’t let you pleasure yourself yet.
– Yes Goddess! Melody said. Her pussy was so full of juice, she was ready to explode.
But she would hold on for Miss Summer, so happy to be able to please them both.

Melody reached towards Emily’s pussy and started fingering her.
With one finger first, gently. Then she inserted two fingers and starting stroking her stronger. Emily was panting.
– Your lips are so full, little slut, you’re really enjoying yourself, don’t you?
– Yes Goddess! Thank you Goddess!
– Now your turn, finger yourself in front of us!
– Yes Goddess! Emily said and she started fingering her pussy in front of her two mistresses. She was so aroused, panting and she could feel her juice dripping on her thighs. She wanted to come so bad.
– May I come, Goddess, please?
– Not yet, slut, show me your clit and stroke yourself more. I want to see your full lips.
Emily could almost not hold anymore, she was twisting herself, her all mind was on her pussy and on her fingers going back and forth in it. She could feel her clit so red and full of blood. She let a little scream go.
– I beg you Goddess. Can I come? Please, I beg you Goddess. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll be your slut, your bitch, your slave. Please, can I come?
– You are such a slut! You see how such a dirty little slut you are! You can come now!
Emily felt her juice flowing all over her. She got overwhelmed by a strong wave of pleasure, a strong orgasm, that made her crawled in front of Goddess.
– Thank you Goddess, she said, kissing her feet.
– Good girl, Miss Summer said. Now go wash and prepare lunch. We’re getting hungry.
– Yes, Miss Summer. Emily said. She felt so good, having being able to please her mistresses, being their toy. And there was still more to come. It was only still only morning.

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