Summer remembers her high-school flirt

Summer was in a hurry. She had to run to catch the red line train so she could be on time to her rendezvous downtown. She hadn’t seen Olive since high-school and was excited to meet her again as she was going to spend July in Boston for her internship. The two had made out several times in high-school and Summer remembered Olive was really good in bed.
The two had a really great time catching up at a pretty good sushi place. Summer had fun remembering their high-school days and couldn’t get her eyes off Olive’s glowing Asian skin, her long dark hair. She looked timid and nerdy with her classes but Summer remembered how wild she could be when she took her glasses away.
– Why don’t you come to my apartment, Summer suggested as the meal was getting to its end, I’ll show you a little bit of Cambridge.
Riding the red line back to Cambridge, Summer detailed to Olive where the supermarkets were and the good spots to shop. Once they were at Summer’s apartment , Olive was surprised at how spacious it was for a 2 bedroom in Cambridge.
– Don’t worry, Summer said, my boyfriend is out and won’t be back for a while. So we’ve got all our time,Summer said as she got close to Olive and started kissing her on the lips. She liked her soft lips and caressing her long dark hair.
– Take your glasses off, Summer said.
Olive took them off and put them on the table
– Good girl, Summer said, kissing her again. Are you still a good obedient bitch? Summer said, looking straight into Olive’s eyes.
– I am, Olive said, blushing and trying to avoid Summer’s eyes.
Summer kissed her more forcefully and started taking Olive’s clothes off. She loved her perky small breasts, white with very red long nipples. She had already taken Olive’s bra down and started sucking on her nipples.
– Mmmmh, I’ve missed those, Summer said. It’s so good to suck on your tits bitch.
Olive was moaning. She loved how Summer took control of her. Already in high-school, she was always waiting for Summer to own her. Now she was more experienced but she was still craving Summer’s dominance.
They laid down on the couch and Summer took her clothes off. She put her pussy right on Olive’s face.
– Lick me now bitch. Show me how you use your mouth.
Olive started to lick Summer’s clit. Her tongue was quite long and could reach pretty deep inside her. Summer was getting so wet and riding Olive in a fast rhythm. Olive loved feeling Summer’s juice down her throat. She was almost suffocating having Summer ride her face but she couldn’t stop, licking her pussy and feeling her so wet was too much to stop.
Summer grabbed Olive’s hands and put them on her breasts.
– Squeeze them, she said.
Olive followed her directions and started to squeeze Summer’s breasts and pull on her nipples.That and Olive’s warm tongue all over her pussy made Summer come.
– Ah, Fuck! So good cunt! She said as her juice was flowing into Olive’s mouth.
– I am so wet, Olive said.
– Give it to me Baby! Summer said, going down on Olive.
She wasn’t kidding, Summer thought. Olive’s panties were soaked. Summer went right for her pussy, sucking on her right labia which was a little bigger than the left, as she remembered. That felt so good.
Right at that moment, Summer’s boyfriend Jack entered the room. Olive let a little scream when she saw him at the door of the living room.
Summer lifted her head out of Olive’s pussy and turned towards Jack.
– Hey babe, you’re early! That’s my friend Olive, from high-school. I told you about her, remember, she is doing an internship in Boston.
– What’s going on? Jack asked.
– We were just having fun, want to join? Summer replied.
Jack was standing there, a dumb look on his face. He didn’t know what to think. He knew that Summer was bi and she had talked about threesomes before but he didn’t know she was serious about it.
– I think that’s a yes, Summer said, looking at Olive with a smile. She stood up and went next to Jack, opened his pants and took his pants and boxer down before he could say anything.
– Come here bitch, she said to Olive, you’re going to suck my boyfriend for me!
Olive came, kneeled down. She loved being used by Summer and started to take Jack’s cock in her mouth. She was going back and forth, feeling his cock getting hard and looking at Summer for approval.
– Good job Olive! Summer said. Isn’t she good? She asked Jack.
– She is! Jack said, very happy with the situation.
Summer stopped Olive, pushing her back on the couch.
– Now we were interrupted just when I was going to lick your pussy dear so go back on the couch.
Olive laid down on the couch while Summer started putting her face in her pussy.
-Do me from behind Babe, she told Jack.
Jack didn’t waste any time. His cock was hard, seeing Summer licking on Olive’s pussy and he penetrated Summer from behind, going back and forth deep in her as her divine ass was shaking in front of him.
Summer was in heaven, feeling Jack’s cock deep in her and Olive’s clit under her tongue, her wet pussy dripping. Olive was squeezing her own nipples and Summer knew Olive was about to come.
When Olive couldn’t hold the rush of pleasure and her clit full of blood felt like it would explode, she came all over Summer’s face. Summer was so excited and on the brink of orgasm herself as Jack’s cock was stretching her pussy so good.
– Hold on Babe, she told Jack.
She stood up and sat on Olive’s face as the same time as she was holding her legs open for Jack.
– Come fuck her good Babe, Summer told Jack!
Jack didn’t ask twice, he penetrated Olive deep. Her tight Asian pussy felt good and he was pounding her hard while Summer started to kiss him. Summer was so excited. Olive was sucking hard on her clit. She loved riding her face and she loved seeing how Jack was fucking her hard. She was touching Olive’s clit and rubbing it as she felt Jack’s cock going back and forth in Olive.
Olive was ready to come again. Jack was pounding her so hard and she loved having Summer’s juice all over her face and feeling her clit so full.
– I am going to come Babe, Jack said, unable to hold any longer.
– Do it Babe, fill up that bitch! Summer said.
Jack came and Olive came right after him, feeling his warm cum inside her and Summer’s juice down her throat. Summer felt complete to have made both of them come and she came hard herself, triggered by Olive’s biting and sucking on her clit.
Olive got up slowly, feeling exhausted from her orgasms.
– I am going to take a shower guys.
Summer started cuddling with Jack.
– See, I told you it’d be good.
– You were right, Jack said, I can’t wait to do it again.
– We will, Summer said, but next time I am bringing back a guy. You had your fun with two pussies, it’s only fair I have fun with two cocks next time.
– ok, I guess, Jack said, not really sure of himself. He had had fun playing together with Olive so it seemed fair for Summer to have two guys.
– And don’t worry, Summer said with a laugh, I have enough holes for the two of you!
Jack wasn’t sure what she meant, but he sure was happy to have such a girlfriend.

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