Miami delights

It was a sunny and warm day in Miami. Claire was contemplating the beach and the ocean from her sky-high 5-star hotel. She had slept well and after an omelette and French toast breakfast, she was ready for some adventure. She had given instructions to Jack to wait for her friend Olive at the airport and she would pick them up. She was running a bit late but she didn’t care, they would gladly wait for her. But still, she called room service.

– Get my Lamborghini out please, she said.

– Yes, M’am, the man on the phone replied.

Claire took one pair of her Louboutin heels out, looked at herself in the mirror. She was mesmerizing. The heels looked amazing with her long legs and her dress fitted perfectly on her toned body. She put her sunglasses on, smiling.

She took the elevator and soon found her yellow Aventador convertible waiting for her. Two guys standing near the lobby, who had been taking pictures of the Lambo, stood speechless as they couldn’t believe it belonged to her. She sat in the car and drove away, the engine roaring, towards the Airport.

At the airport, she texted Jack and Olive.

– where are you at?

Jack replied that they were at the Red terminal. She soon parked nearby, texted them her location and she saw them arriving. She opened the door of the Lambo and came out to say hi. She hadn’t seen Olive in a while and she always had a weakness for her since their college days.

– So great to see you Claire, Olive said.

Claire and Olive embraced as Claire didn’t give too much thought to Jack.

– I am taking Olive in the Lambo with me, you take the luggage and Uber to the hotel.

– Yes I will, Jack answered.

Claire and Olive had a blast driving back to the hotel. Their hair flying in the wind, they had cruised on the beach roads, drawing the attention of both males and females on their way, who couldn’t look away from two hot women in a supercar. Soon they arrived at the hotel and went to the room where Jack was already cleaning and arranging the luggage.

Claire sat on the sofa and made a sign for Olive to sit next to her.

– You look so good Honey, she said

Olive was blushing, she was very shy and was very admirative of Claire, her authority and decisiveness.

– Jack, come here. Claire said.

– Kiss my feet, Claire said with a stern voice.

Jack kneeled down and started kissing Claire’s feet. Olive was getting aroused by the show. Claire had complete command of Jack. He was her slave.

– Good boy, Claire said, laughing.

– Now take my heels off, she added, extending her legs.

Jack, still kneeling down, started to take Claire’s Louboutins off her feet.

– Good, Claire said with a smile. Now give me a foot massage. Honey, could you please pass the lotion behind you, she told Olive. Olive was surprised at the scene but grabbed the massage lotion and handed it over to Jack.

Jack started to massage Claire’s feet. Kneeling down, he was resting her foot on his chest and slowly relaxing them.

– Good slave, Claire said. See what a good bitch he is, Claire said to Olive. I own him and he does what I say.

– Isn’t it true, bitch? Claire said to Jack.

– Yes Master, thank you for allowing me to serve you Master, Jack replied.

Olive was getting excited, to see how much power Claire had on men. She also felt that she wanted to please Claire.

– Good enough, Claire told Jack. Now, where is my Martini?

– Coming Goddess, Jack replied.

– Isn’t he useless, Claire told Olive, laughing. Do you want one too?

– Yes, please, Olive answered,

– Hear that bitch, Claire said to Jack.

– Yes, coming Master. Jack replied.

He brought the two drinks and kneeled down as Claire and Olive were chatting.

Soon, Claire reached out to Olive and started kissing her. They had made out in college and Claire liked Olive’s soft Asian’s skin, her small boobs and small ass. Most of all, she knew how Olive already worshipped her and that she would be obeying her every wish.

Claire opened Olive’s blouse and started kissing her nipples. Olive moaned.

– You like that, don’t you? Claire said to Olive.

– Yes, Olive answered.

– You’re going to do whatever I say, understood, Claire said.

– Yes, Olive answered.

– Yes Master, Claire corrected.

– Yes Master, Olive said in a sheepish voice.

– Louder, Claire said.

– Yes, Master, Olive said loudly.

– Better, Claire said, happy.

Claire looked at Jack.

– Take your clothes off, she told him. Jack undressed.

– Look at him, he’s already hard from seeing us kissing, aren’t you? Claire said.

– Yes Master.

Claire took Olive and brought her close to Jack.

– Kneel down and suck his cock, Claire told Olive.

Olive looked at Claire, surprised, but she obeyed. She felt so good to be able to please Claire. She kneeled down and started sucking on Jack’s cock.

– Good girl, Claire said. She liked seeing her pet doing a good job.

Claire started undressing Olive. Once Olive was naked, Claire started spanking her.

– Smack, smack, smack! Come on bitch, do a better job sucking him! Claire said

– Smack, smack, smack! Olive’s ass was wiggling under her hand. Claire pushed on Olive’s head, forcing her to gag on Jack’s cock.

– Good girl, take it deep! Claire said, laughing.

Claire was getting excited at the scene, she undressed and pulled Olive towards her, laying on the sofa.

– Now lick my clit, slut! She told Olive.

Olive was doing a great job. She was very talented with her tongue. Olive was reaching deep with her tongue, then biting Claire’s clit gently. She was sucking on Claire’s labia gently. Claire’s juice started to drip on Olive’s face.

– Fuck her from behind, Claire told Jack.

Jack was only too happy to oblige. Still hard and excited from looking at Olive licking Claire, he penetrated Olive from behind, going back and forth inside her, reaching deep in her. He was excited from seeing her Asian ass rocking as he was grabbing her and reaching deep inside.

Olive moaned.

– Keep licking me slut, Claire said. You’re doing a great job!

Claire was excited by seeing Olive suck on her clit as she was getting pounded by Jack. Claire started squeezing her nipples, which felt so hard. She felt her clit getting a rush of blood, hardening it. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive, she was squeezing them more and more.

– Harder slut, harder! She told Olive as she pushed Olive’s head down, directing her to suck where she wanted to. The pleasure was intense and she had the right to control Olive to please her as she wanted.

Claire felt a huge orgasm coming. Jack going back and forth in Olive was making Olive lick Claire’s clit in rhythm. Her breasts felt so full.

– Can I come Master, Jack asked Claire. He was also ready to burst, he couldn’t hold on anymore.

Claire wanted to make him wait. She loved to have him hold on until he begged for release. But she was so close to orgasm too.

– Come now, she said as she felt a huge orgasm overwhelming her. Jack came at the same time, shooting his warm cum in Olive. Olive felt his cum inside her, and Claire’s juice all over her face, dripping in her throat. This felt so good, she came too.

The three of them were panting on the sofa. It had been so good.

They cuddled for a while.

Claire, always in command, then proposed to go for lunch.

– I am first in the shower, she said.

– Me two, said Olive.

– So I guess me last, grumbled Jack, only too happy to let the two women before him.

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