Day at the beach

It was such a sunny day. Laura was enjoying the breeze in her hair as the convertible was accelerating on the highway. Jay had picked her up earlier in his bright yellow Porsche and she was delighted to go spend the afternoon at a private beach on Cape Cod.

She was only wearing her purple mini-dress and she could see that Jay was mesmerized by her legs and her nipples perking up under the cool breeze as she wasn’t wearing a bra. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. She had told Jay before, to tease him, and she had smiled when she saws his dick was bulging under his pants as he was looking down at her pussy, trying to see through the dress.

She had her legs open, and she could feel Jay’s desire to put his hands under her dress, touch her pussy and finger her. Naughtily, she had put her hand on his dick as she pretended to grab something and that had just made him crazy hard. He wanted her so much and she knew it, happy to tease him, waiting for the moment when they would be

alone on the beach or in the sand dunes, among the trees where he would fuck her so hard.

They were arriving at the parking near the beach. It was still early and the parking was almost empty. Jay was looking for a spot closer to the stairs when somebody waved at him. A tall guy was standing next to a red Corvette convertible.

– Oh, Jay said, that’s my friend Dylan, I didn’t know he would be there.

Jay parked the car next to Dylan’s Vette.

– Hey Dylan! What’s up man! said Jay.

– I’m great Jay, look at this baby, said Dylan as he was showing off his new Corvette.

– I still like the Porsche better, said Jay, looking inside the Vette, how may gears do you have?

Laura felt miffed as the two guys were completely ignoring her, talking about theirs stupid cars. She waited a little bit more in the car, checking on her iPhone.

Five minutes later, the guys were still arguing about the cars, which ones was the fastest, hold the road better and what not. Laura was bored, she had come here to have fun. She decided to get out of the car.

– Hey Jay, Laura said, are you done talking?

Jay and Dylan looked at her, surprised.

– You didn’t say you had a friend! Dylan said. He looked at Laura:

– You’re tired of hearing us talk about cars Honey? Why don’t you show us what you have under your hood? He said with a smile.

– Yes baby, Jay continue, that’s a great idea!

Jay grabbed Laura by the arm, opened the vette’s door, and made her stand on the seat on all fours. Then he lifted her dress up to reveal her naked ass.

– Look at that ass buddy, Jay said, talking to Dylan. See how good she is!

– Yes! Dylan said, looking at Laura’s ass, exposed naked in the parking lot.

It was quiet at the moment but everyone passing by could see her. She felt so ashamed, her ass sticking out in front of the guys. They were touching her and commenting on her magnificent ass.

– See how round it is, and firm, Jay said, spanking Laura a few times.

– See how rosy her cheeks are.

– Yeah, Dylan said. And look at this pussy, he continued, as he started fingering her from behind.

Jay grabbed Laura’s ass with his hands and opened it up, exposing her asshole even more.

– Look at this, Jay said, look at this nice asshole. What a good slut she is!

Jay started fingering Laura’s asshole gently, while Dylan was still fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. She was getting so wet, her juice starting dripping.

– Oh, the little slut is getting excited, Dylan said. She really is a dirty little slut. Don’t worry, we’re going to take care of you.

As he was saying that, he sat down in the driver’s seat and unzipped his pants, revealing his massive cock, just in front of Laura.

– Suck it now, slut! Jay said.

Laura couldn’t wait. She loved sucking big cocks and Dylan’s cock was so big, it was taking her full mouth. She was going hard on it, almost gagging as she felt Jay fucking her from behind. His big dick was penetrating her pussy hard. He was banging her so hard as Dylan was grabbing her head and pushing her on his cock.

She was pleasuring the two guys in the convertible, completely exposed in the parking lot. She was a good slut being fucked so hard by these two hunks.

What a good slut she was!

She could feel Dylan was ready to explode in her mouth, his big cock pumping under her expert sucking. And Jay was still drilling her to the bone, her pussy so swollen by his banging.

Suddenly Dylan shot his cum on her, on her breasts and face. It felt so good. And almost simultaneously Jay unloaded his cum on her pussy and her ass. She was full of cum. Laura had made those two hunks so hard and now they had shot everything they had on her. She had made them empty all their cum on her.

Jay helped her to stand out of the car, put her dress down. Her pussy was still wet of her juice and cum.

Good baby, Jay said. We’re going to have a lot of fun at the beach today.

Laura couldn’t wait for these two studs to have fun with her again. What a nice day at the beach it would be.

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