Business meeting

Tess was confused. She had come out of the red line subway station but wasn’t sure where she should be going next. She read the instructions on her phone again.

Get out at Kendall Square/MIT then cross the Marriott Hotel towards West Broadway.

She was at the Marriott for sure but they were doing construction so the main entrance was closed. Luckily she found a woman who led her to the right direction. Thank god, Tess thought.

A few minutes later, she was finally in the lobby of his company’s building:

– I am here to see Jack Black, she said to the guard.

– Certainly, Miss, the guard answered. I will call him. Please fill in this form to get a badge.

A few minutes later, the guard called Tess:

– Mr Black is on his way.

– Thank you, Tess said, as she felt a chill on her spine. It was the first time she was asked to come to his company. She was wondering what to expect. Maybe he needed some papers to have her proof-read. She was still thinking about it when she saw him coming to her.

– Hi dear, he said. Glad you made it. Wasn’t too hard to find I hope?

– Hi, it went ok, thanks. It’s pretty late already, I hope you didn’t have too hard of a day, Tess replied.

– No, it was ok, but I do have a few reports to finish and I’d appreciate your help with them, Jack said. I booked a conference room to review them.

Tess was relieved. So she was right, he just needed her to help with a few papers. She followed him to a conference room, which was pretty far and isolated. He entered the room and closed the door behind her. She was surprised. The room wasn’t so large but very well furnished with a large round table, heavy leather chairs and a couch.

– Nice, she said as Jack was taking her coat off, leading her to the table where several papers were stacked.

– Please have a look, he said to Tess. I am sure you will be able to see the issue very quickly.

Tess stood next to the table and started reading a paper. Jack came closer behind her and started caressing and rearranging her hair.

– I love your curly natural hair, Jack said, as he was moving Tess’s hair backward, uncovering her left ear. He started kissing her earlobe, gently pulling on it.

Tess was about to protest but Jack said:

– Keep reading. Don’t worry about what I do.

Tess looked at the paper again. Jack was caressing her hair again, this time pulling it all together in a ponytail. He was kissing her ear again. She could feel his body against her, his strong muscles were tensed. She was about to talk when he pulled her hair harder, forcing her to lift her chin up. Jack started kissing her throat now exposed, the side of her mouth, gently biting her left cheek.

– You are very pretty today, very attractive he said.

– Thank… Tess had hardly started talking when Jack’s left hand grabbed her breast, startling her. He quickly exposed her breasts, and started pulling on her nipples. She was about to

move but Jack felt it:

– Don’t move, he said quietly. I am the one who decides what you do.

Tess felt her pussy getting moist. He was so strong, still pulling her hair, forcing his tongue in her mouth now, and her nipples were so hard. Jack was pulling on them with his hands, squeezing her perky breasts.

He brought her on a chair and proceeded to lift her skirt, showing her round ass.

– You dressed so nicely today, didn’t you? You know all the men were watching you, fantasizing about you, getting hard because of you, don’t you? You know that you are a dirty little

slut that all the men want.

Tess was becoming wet and Jack knew it. He touched her pussy with his fingers.

– Look at you, little slut, your pussy is so wet. Her lips were getting fuller and she could feel the blood flushing to her clit. She could feel her clit getting bigger, redder, full of blood. And Jack was pulling on it!

– Oh my god, she whispered.

It felt so good. His fingers pulling on her clit, stroking her lips. Then she heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning crew had started their job already. What if they entered the conference room? What if they saw her like this, at his mercy? She was like an animal, submitted to his will, she almost melted.

Slap, slap! Jack had spanked her, on each of her cheeks. It felt so good. She was ready for more, eager for more. She stuck her butt even more, ready for him.

Slap, slap, slap, slap. She grunted a little. He didn’t spare her. Her ass was getting so red under his palm. She was about to come. Her clit was so full, she wanted to explode.

– Don’t come yet, he warned her in a stern voice.

Her body was twisting itself under the pressure. The waves of pleasure were making her so tense, ready to explode, with no rational thought. She just wanted pleasure, sex, and him, her master.

She felt like drunk but she heard the sound distinctively. The swooshing of him taking out his belt. He straighten the belt out and flogged her twice with it. Her ass was on fire. Her clit exploded and she climaxed, sending her juice gushing on her thighs. She was fulfilled.

Jack didn’t say a word. He took her underwear off, gave her her coat and led her to the elevator.

– We’re going back to the Marriott, he said. I booked a room for tonight. There is much more to come.

Tess was smiling, looking at Jack in his eyes. It was everything she had wished for. She

knew she would always remember this night.

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