Day at the beach

It was such a sunny day. Laura was enjoying the breeze in her hair as the convertible was accelerating on the highway. Jay had picked her up earlier in his bright yellow Porsche and she was delighted to go spend the afternoon at a private beach on Cape Cod.

She was only wearing her purple mini-dress and she could see that Jay was mesmerized by her legs and her nipples perking up under the cool breeze as she wasn’t wearing a bra. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. She had told Jay before, to tease him, and she had smiled when she saws his dick was bulging under his pants as he was looking down at her pussy, trying to see through the dress.

She had her legs open, and she could feel Jay’s desire to put his hands under her dress, touch her pussy and finger her. Naughtily, she had put her hand on his dick as she pretended to grab something and that had just made him crazy hard. He wanted her so much and she knew it, happy to tease him, waiting for the moment when they would be

alone on the beach or in the sand dunes, among the trees where he would fuck her so hard.

They were arriving at the parking near the beach. It was still early and the parking was almost empty. Jay was looking for a spot closer to the stairs when somebody waved at him. A tall guy was standing next to a red Corvette convertible.

– Oh, Jay said, that’s my friend Dylan, I didn’t know he would be there.

Jay parked the car next to Dylan’s Vette.

– Hey Dylan! What’s up man! said Jay.

– I’m great Jay, look at this baby, said Dylan as he was showing off his new Corvette.

– I still like the Porsche better, said Jay, looking inside the Vette, how may gears do you have?

Laura felt miffed as the two guys were completely ignoring her, talking about theirs stupid cars. She waited a little bit more in the car, checking on her iPhone.

Five minutes later, the guys were still arguing about the cars, which ones was the fastest, hold the road better and what not. Laura was bored, she had come here to have fun. She decided to get out of the car.

– Hey Jay, Laura said, are you done talking?

Jay and Dylan looked at her, surprised.

– You didn’t say you had a friend! Dylan said. He looked at Laura:

– You’re tired of hearing us talk about cars Honey? Why don’t you show us what you have under your hood? He said with a smile.

– Yes baby, Jay continue, that’s a great idea!

Jay grabbed Laura by the arm, opened the vette’s door, and made her stand on the seat on all fours. Then he lifted her dress up to reveal her naked ass.

– Look at that ass buddy, Jay said, talking to Dylan. See how good she is!

– Yes! Dylan said, looking at Laura’s ass, exposed naked in the parking lot.

It was quiet at the moment but everyone passing by could see her. She felt so ashamed, her ass sticking out in front of the guys. They were touching her and commenting on her magnificent ass.

– See how round it is, and firm, Jay said, spanking Laura a few times.

– See how rosy her cheeks are.

– Yeah, Dylan said. And look at this pussy, he continued, as he started fingering her from behind.

Jay grabbed Laura’s ass with his hands and opened it up, exposing her asshole even more.

– Look at this, Jay said, look at this nice asshole. What a good slut she is!

Jay started fingering Laura’s asshole gently, while Dylan was still fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. She was getting so wet, her juice starting dripping.

– Oh, the little slut is getting excited, Dylan said. She really is a dirty little slut. Don’t worry, we’re going to take care of you.

As he was saying that, he sat down in the driver’s seat and unzipped his pants, revealing his massive cock, just in front of Laura.

– Suck it now, slut! Jay said.

Laura couldn’t wait. She loved sucking big cocks and Dylan’s cock was so big, it was taking her full mouth. She was going hard on it, almost gagging as she felt Jay fucking her from behind. His big dick was penetrating her pussy hard. He was banging her so hard as Dylan was grabbing her head and pushing her on his cock.

She was pleasuring the two guys in the convertible, completely exposed in the parking lot. She was a good slut being fucked so hard by these two hunks.

What a good slut she was!

She could feel Dylan was ready to explode in her mouth, his big cock pumping under her expert sucking. And Jay was still drilling her to the bone, her pussy so swollen by his banging.

Suddenly Dylan shot his cum on her, on her breasts and face. It felt so good. And almost simultaneously Jay unloaded his cum on her pussy and her ass. She was full of cum. Laura had made those two hunks so hard and now they had shot everything they had on her. She had made them empty all their cum on her.

Jay helped her to stand out of the car, put her dress down. Her pussy was still wet of her juice and cum.

Good baby, Jay said. We’re going to have a lot of fun at the beach today.

Laura couldn’t wait for these two studs to have fun with her again. What a nice day at the beach it would be.

Business meeting

Tess was confused. She had come out of the red line subway station but wasn’t sure where she should be going next. She read the instructions on her phone again.

Get out at Kendall Square/MIT then cross the Marriott Hotel towards West Broadway.

She was at the Marriott for sure but they were doing construction so the main entrance was closed. Luckily she found a woman who led her to the right direction. Thank god, Tess thought.

A few minutes later, she was finally in the lobby of his company’s building:

– I am here to see Jack Black, she said to the guard.

– Certainly, Miss, the guard answered. I will call him. Please fill in this form to get a badge.

A few minutes later, the guard called Tess:

– Mr Black is on his way.

– Thank you, Tess said, as she felt a chill on her spine. It was the first time she was asked to come to his company. She was wondering what to expect. Maybe he needed some papers to have her proof-read. She was still thinking about it when she saw him coming to her.

– Hi dear, he said. Glad you made it. Wasn’t too hard to find I hope?

– Hi, it went ok, thanks. It’s pretty late already, I hope you didn’t have too hard of a day, Tess replied.

– No, it was ok, but I do have a few reports to finish and I’d appreciate your help with them, Jack said. I booked a conference room to review them.

Tess was relieved. So she was right, he just needed her to help with a few papers. She followed him to a conference room, which was pretty far and isolated. He entered the room and closed the door behind her. She was surprised. The room wasn’t so large but very well furnished with a large round table, heavy leather chairs and a couch.

– Nice, she said as Jack was taking her coat off, leading her to the table where several papers were stacked.

– Please have a look, he said to Tess. I am sure you will be able to see the issue very quickly.

Tess stood next to the table and started reading a paper. Jack came closer behind her and started caressing and rearranging her hair.

– I love your curly natural hair, Jack said, as he was moving Tess’s hair backward, uncovering her left ear. He started kissing her earlobe, gently pulling on it.

Tess was about to protest but Jack said:

– Keep reading. Don’t worry about what I do.

Tess looked at the paper again. Jack was caressing her hair again, this time pulling it all together in a ponytail. He was kissing her ear again. She could feel his body against her, his strong muscles were tensed. She was about to talk when he pulled her hair harder, forcing her to lift her chin up. Jack started kissing her throat now exposed, the side of her mouth, gently biting her left cheek.

– You are very pretty today, very attractive he said.

– Thank… Tess had hardly started talking when Jack’s left hand grabbed her breast, startling her. He quickly exposed her breasts, and started pulling on her nipples. She was about to

move but Jack felt it:

– Don’t move, he said quietly. I am the one who decides what you do.

Tess felt her pussy getting moist. He was so strong, still pulling her hair, forcing his tongue in her mouth now, and her nipples were so hard. Jack was pulling on them with his hands, squeezing her perky breasts.

He brought her on a chair and proceeded to lift her skirt, showing her round ass.

– You dressed so nicely today, didn’t you? You know all the men were watching you, fantasizing about you, getting hard because of you, don’t you? You know that you are a dirty little

slut that all the men want.

Tess was becoming wet and Jack knew it. He touched her pussy with his fingers.

– Look at you, little slut, your pussy is so wet. Her lips were getting fuller and she could feel the blood flushing to her clit. She could feel her clit getting bigger, redder, full of blood. And Jack was pulling on it!

– Oh my god, she whispered.

It felt so good. His fingers pulling on her clit, stroking her lips. Then she heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning crew had started their job already. What if they entered the conference room? What if they saw her like this, at his mercy? She was like an animal, submitted to his will, she almost melted.

Slap, slap! Jack had spanked her, on each of her cheeks. It felt so good. She was ready for more, eager for more. She stuck her butt even more, ready for him.

Slap, slap, slap, slap. She grunted a little. He didn’t spare her. Her ass was getting so red under his palm. She was about to come. Her clit was so full, she wanted to explode.

– Don’t come yet, he warned her in a stern voice.

Her body was twisting itself under the pressure. The waves of pleasure were making her so tense, ready to explode, with no rational thought. She just wanted pleasure, sex, and him, her master.

She felt like drunk but she heard the sound distinctively. The swooshing of him taking out his belt. He straighten the belt out and flogged her twice with it. Her ass was on fire. Her clit exploded and she climaxed, sending her juice gushing on her thighs. She was fulfilled.

Jack didn’t say a word. He took her underwear off, gave her her coat and led her to the elevator.

– We’re going back to the Marriott, he said. I booked a room for tonight. There is much more to come.

Tess was smiling, looking at Jack in his eyes. It was everything she had wished for. She

knew she would always remember this night.

Miami delights

It was a sunny and warm day in Miami. Claire was contemplating the beach and the ocean from her sky-high 5-star hotel. She had slept well and after an omelette and French toast breakfast, she was ready for some adventure. She had given instructions to Jack to wait for her friend Olive at the airport and she would pick them up. She was running a bit late but she didn’t care, they would gladly wait for her. But still, she called room service.

– Get my Lamborghini out please, she said.

– Yes, M’am, the man on the phone replied.

Claire took one pair of her Louboutin heels out, looked at herself in the mirror. She was mesmerizing. The heels looked amazing with her long legs and her dress fitted perfectly on her toned body. She put her sunglasses on, smiling.

She took the elevator and soon found her yellow Aventador convertible waiting for her. Two guys standing near the lobby, who had been taking pictures of the Lambo, stood speechless as they couldn’t believe it belonged to her. She sat in the car and drove away, the engine roaring, towards the Airport.

At the airport, she texted Jack and Olive.

– where are you at?

Jack replied that they were at the Red terminal. She soon parked nearby, texted them her location and she saw them arriving. She opened the door of the Lambo and came out to say hi. She hadn’t seen Olive in a while and she always had a weakness for her since their college days.

– So great to see you Claire, Olive said.

Claire and Olive embraced as Claire didn’t give too much thought to Jack.

– I am taking Olive in the Lambo with me, you take the luggage and Uber to the hotel.

– Yes I will, Jack answered.

Claire and Olive had a blast driving back to the hotel. Their hair flying in the wind, they had cruised on the beach roads, drawing the attention of both males and females on their way, who couldn’t look away from two hot women in a supercar. Soon they arrived at the hotel and went to the room where Jack was already cleaning and arranging the luggage.

Claire sat on the sofa and made a sign for Olive to sit next to her.

– You look so good Honey, she said

Olive was blushing, she was very shy and was very admirative of Claire, her authority and decisiveness.

– Jack, come here. Claire said.

– Kiss my feet, Claire said with a stern voice.

Jack kneeled down and started kissing Claire’s feet. Olive was getting aroused by the show. Claire had complete command of Jack. He was her slave.

– Good boy, Claire said, laughing.

– Now take my heels off, she added, extending her legs.

Jack, still kneeling down, started to take Claire’s Louboutins off her feet.

– Good, Claire said with a smile. Now give me a foot massage. Honey, could you please pass the lotion behind you, she told Olive. Olive was surprised at the scene but grabbed the massage lotion and handed it over to Jack.

Jack started to massage Claire’s feet. Kneeling down, he was resting her foot on his chest and slowly relaxing them.

– Good slave, Claire said. See what a good bitch he is, Claire said to Olive. I own him and he does what I say.

– Isn’t it true, bitch? Claire said to Jack.

– Yes Master, thank you for allowing me to serve you Master, Jack replied.

Olive was getting excited, to see how much power Claire had on men. She also felt that she wanted to please Claire.

– Good enough, Claire told Jack. Now, where is my Martini?

– Coming Goddess, Jack replied.

– Isn’t he useless, Claire told Olive, laughing. Do you want one too?

– Yes, please, Olive answered,

– Hear that bitch, Claire said to Jack.

– Yes, coming Master. Jack replied.

He brought the two drinks and kneeled down as Claire and Olive were chatting.

Soon, Claire reached out to Olive and started kissing her. They had made out in college and Claire liked Olive’s soft Asian’s skin, her small boobs and small ass. Most of all, she knew how Olive already worshipped her and that she would be obeying her every wish.

Claire opened Olive’s blouse and started kissing her nipples. Olive moaned.

– You like that, don’t you? Claire said to Olive.

– Yes, Olive answered.

– You’re going to do whatever I say, understood, Claire said.

– Yes, Olive answered.

– Yes Master, Claire corrected.

– Yes Master, Olive said in a sheepish voice.

– Louder, Claire said.

– Yes, Master, Olive said loudly.

– Better, Claire said, happy.

Claire looked at Jack.

– Take your clothes off, she told him. Jack undressed.

– Look at him, he’s already hard from seeing us kissing, aren’t you? Claire said.

– Yes Master.

Claire took Olive and brought her close to Jack.

– Kneel down and suck his cock, Claire told Olive.

Olive looked at Claire, surprised, but she obeyed. She felt so good to be able to please Claire. She kneeled down and started sucking on Jack’s cock.

– Good girl, Claire said. She liked seeing her pet doing a good job.

Claire started undressing Olive. Once Olive was naked, Claire started spanking her.

– Smack, smack, smack! Come on bitch, do a better job sucking him! Claire said

– Smack, smack, smack! Olive’s ass was wiggling under her hand. Claire pushed on Olive’s head, forcing her to gag on Jack’s cock.

– Good girl, take it deep! Claire said, laughing.

Claire was getting excited at the scene, she undressed and pulled Olive towards her, laying on the sofa.

– Now lick my clit, slut! She told Olive.

Olive was doing a great job. She was very talented with her tongue. Olive was reaching deep with her tongue, then biting Claire’s clit gently. She was sucking on Claire’s labia gently. Claire’s juice started to drip on Olive’s face.

– Fuck her from behind, Claire told Jack.

Jack was only too happy to oblige. Still hard and excited from looking at Olive licking Claire, he penetrated Olive from behind, going back and forth inside her, reaching deep in her. He was excited from seeing her Asian ass rocking as he was grabbing her and reaching deep inside.

Olive moaned.

– Keep licking me slut, Claire said. You’re doing a great job!

Claire was excited by seeing Olive suck on her clit as she was getting pounded by Jack. Claire started squeezing her nipples, which felt so hard. She felt her clit getting a rush of blood, hardening it. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive, she was squeezing them more and more.

– Harder slut, harder! She told Olive as she pushed Olive’s head down, directing her to suck where she wanted to. The pleasure was intense and she had the right to control Olive to please her as she wanted.

Claire felt a huge orgasm coming. Jack going back and forth in Olive was making Olive lick Claire’s clit in rhythm. Her breasts felt so full.

– Can I come Master, Jack asked Claire. He was also ready to burst, he couldn’t hold on anymore.

Claire wanted to make him wait. She loved to have him hold on until he begged for release. But she was so close to orgasm too.

– Come now, she said as she felt a huge orgasm overwhelming her. Jack came at the same time, shooting his warm cum in Olive. Olive felt his cum inside her, and Claire’s juice all over her face, dripping in her throat. This felt so good, she came too.

The three of them were panting on the sofa. It had been so good.

They cuddled for a while.

Claire, always in command, then proposed to go for lunch.

– I am first in the shower, she said.

– Me two, said Olive.

– So I guess me last, grumbled Jack, only too happy to let the two women before him.


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning when Emily pulled into Miss Summer’s driveway. She was very proud of having been collared a few weeks ago and that Miss Summer was giving her assignments. She had her own key so that she could come early to take care of the house’s chores. She entered the house, quietly as not to wake up Miss Summer, changed into her maid’s outfit and started cleaning the floors before dusting the furniture.

As it came closer to 9am, she started preparing breakfast for Miss Summer. Toasts with strawberry jelly, eggs, and a glass of freshly-pressed orange juice. She left the tray next to Miss Summer’s bedroom and headed for the patio. Miss Summer would soon wake up and she liked to have a walk in her beautiful garden after breakfast. She had a wonderful collection of orchids and exotic flowers and it was Emily’s job to take care of them. Emily started watering the flowers.

She was so focused on her job that she didn’t hear when Miss Summer came behind her.
– Here you are, you little idiot! Miss Summer said with a stern voice.
Emily was surprised and confused. Miss Summer seemed upset. What had she done? She felt like she had done a good job this morning.
– Good morning Miss Summer, Emily said while turning towards her. Did you enjoy your breakfast?
– And she has no clue about what she did, this little idiot. Of course you don’t! Your little head is too small I presume. What am I going to do with you?

Emily felt terrible, she must have messed up again. She kneeled in front of Miss Summer.
– I am so sorry Miss Summer. I don’t know what I did wrong but I didn’t mean it.
– Of course you didn’t. You’re just too dumb to remember what I said. Come here.
Miss Summer walked to the end of the garden, Emily following on all fours. She stopped near a place that Emily had watered before.
– Look! How many times do I have to tell you? You shouldn’t water this orchid that much. It’s very sensitive to too much water. See what you did, you dumb ass?
Emily was so ashamed. Miss Summer did tell her not to water it so much and she had forgotten. She felt so bad to having upset Miss Summer.
– I am so sorry Miss Summer, she said. I am so bad. I won’t do it again, I promise.
– I sure hope so. I am tired of you. I think you need a lesson here. Come here.
Miss Summer led Emily, still on all fours, to the corner of the garden and grabbed her skirt up, revealing her ass.
– Stick your naked ass up, she said, as she pulled her thong down.
– You’re going to stay like this until I come back. Think about what you did! And I don’t care if the neighbors see you like this.

Emily felt so humiliated. But she knew she deserved it. She was so happy serving Miss Summer, she didn’t pay attention to her task. Now she was on display, her naked butt could be seen by the neighbors or people passing by in the street. What would they think of her? They would know she was a slut.

After a while, she heard steps coming towards her. Miss Summer was coming and talking to someone. Emily felt aroused.
– Here is my little slut, Miss Summer said to her friend. Look what she did with my orchid. Isn’t she so badly behaved? And she didn’t even apologized. I don’t know what to do with her.
Emily felt so bad. She had upset Miss Summer and she knew she had behaved badly.
– I beg you to forgive me Miss Summer, Emily said tearfully, still on all fours, but facing Miss Summer’s shoes. I will be better and serve you as you deserve.
– That’s better! But I need to punish you for what you did. You are going to entertain me.
Miss Summer said as she attached a leash to Emily’s collar. Come on, my little doggie, come follow me.
– Come on slut, be a good doggie, Miss Summer’s friend said, laughing. Oh, you were right, she said to Miss Summer, she does need some training.
– Take she leash, Miss Summer said. She is yours. You hear that, slut, you belong to Melody today. Do a good job, make me proud!
– Certainly Miss Summer, thank you so much. It’s my privilege to serve you, Miss Melody.
– Call me Goddess bitch! I won’t be so kind to you as your Mistress is.
– Yes Goddess! Emily said in a sheepish voice.

Melody pulled on the leash and made Emily crawled next to the swimming pool while Miss Summer was laughing. Arrived at the pool, they took their clothes off.
– Take care of that, bitch, Melody said as Emily rushed to take care of the clothes.
– Yes Goddess. She said as she folded the clothes nicely. May I bring you some drink?
– Yes, orange martini. Good girl!

Emily felt so happy. At least she was able to contend her mistresses. She felt so fulfilled to be able to make them happy. She went to the kitchen and pressed some orange to make the martinis. She brought them to the pool. Miss Summer and Melody were sitting on the long chairs, soaking the sun.
– Come here bitch! Melody said. Put some lotion on me, Melody said as she untied her bra and laid down on her stomach.
– Yes Goddess! Emily said. She started to put some lotion on her back. Her skin was so soft. Emily was trying to do the best job of massaging her and putting the lotion on.
– You like that, don’t you? Melody said. You like touching me.
– Yes Goddess, your skin is so soft.
– Kiss it, Melody said.
– Yes Goddess, thank you! Emily started to kiss her on her arm and back, going down on her back towards her butt, kissing her thigh down to her feet.
– Good job, you’re pretty good. Melody said as she turned around.
– Thank you Goddess! Emily said, so fulfilled. She was stunned by Melody’s toned body.
She hesitated a moment when Melody grabbed her head and pulled her towards her breasts!
– Suck my tits! Melody said.
Emily started licking her nipple, very slowly. Then she sucked on it a little harder. She could feel it getting harder under her tongue.
– You like that, my little bitch, Miss Summer said. She untied Emily’s bra and reached for Emily’s breasts. Miss Summer started pulling on Emily’s nipples. Emily felt aroused, her own tits getting hard under Miss Summer’s fingers.
– You like when I pinch your tits, little slut, don’t you? Miss Summer said as she pulled on Emily’s nipples harder and harder, making them hurt. Emily made a little noise and stopped licking on Melody’s tits.
– Don’t stop slut, Melody said, you are doing a good job.
Miss Summer was still pulling on Emily’s left breast but her right hand reached down to her pussy.
– Look at that! Miss Summer said with a laugh,the little slut is wet already. You are certainly making an effect on her.
Emily’s face flushed red. She was indeed so aroused, being Goddess’ pet. Her juice had started dripping on her thighs.
– Good, Melody said with a smile.You have redeemed yourself, little slut. But I won’t let you pleasure yourself yet.
– Yes Goddess! Melody said. Her pussy was so full of juice, she was ready to explode.
But she would hold on for Miss Summer, so happy to be able to please them both.

Melody reached towards Emily’s pussy and started fingering her.
With one finger first, gently. Then she inserted two fingers and starting stroking her stronger. Emily was panting.
– Your lips are so full, little slut, you’re really enjoying yourself, don’t you?
– Yes Goddess! Thank you Goddess!
– Now your turn, finger yourself in front of us!
– Yes Goddess! Emily said and she started fingering her pussy in front of her two mistresses. She was so aroused, panting and she could feel her juice dripping on her thighs. She wanted to come so bad.
– May I come, Goddess, please?
– Not yet, slut, show me your clit and stroke yourself more. I want to see your full lips.
Emily could almost not hold anymore, she was twisting herself, her all mind was on her pussy and on her fingers going back and forth in it. She could feel her clit so red and full of blood. She let a little scream go.
– I beg you Goddess. Can I come? Please, I beg you Goddess. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll be your slut, your bitch, your slave. Please, can I come?
– You are such a slut! You see how such a dirty little slut you are! You can come now!
Emily felt her juice flowing all over her. She got overwhelmed by a strong wave of pleasure, a strong orgasm, that made her crawled in front of Goddess.
– Thank you Goddess, she said, kissing her feet.
– Good girl, Miss Summer said. Now go wash and prepare lunch. We’re getting hungry.
– Yes, Miss Summer. Emily said. She felt so good, having being able to please her mistresses, being their toy. And there was still more to come. It was only still only morning.

Summer remembers her high-school flirt

Summer was in a hurry. She had to run to catch the red line train so she could be on time to her rendezvous downtown. She hadn’t seen Olive since high-school and was excited to meet her again as she was going to spend July in Boston for her internship. The two had made out several times in high-school and Summer remembered Olive was really good in bed.
The two had a really great time catching up at a pretty good sushi place. Summer had fun remembering their high-school days and couldn’t get her eyes off Olive’s glowing Asian skin, her long dark hair. She looked timid and nerdy with her classes but Summer remembered how wild she could be when she took her glasses away.
– Why don’t you come to my apartment, Summer suggested as the meal was getting to its end, I’ll show you a little bit of Cambridge.
Riding the red line back to Cambridge, Summer detailed to Olive where the supermarkets were and the good spots to shop. Once they were at Summer’s apartment , Olive was surprised at how spacious it was for a 2 bedroom in Cambridge.
– Don’t worry, Summer said, my boyfriend is out and won’t be back for a while. So we’ve got all our time,Summer said as she got close to Olive and started kissing her on the lips. She liked her soft lips and caressing her long dark hair.
– Take your glasses off, Summer said.
Olive took them off and put them on the table
– Good girl, Summer said, kissing her again. Are you still a good obedient bitch? Summer said, looking straight into Olive’s eyes.
– I am, Olive said, blushing and trying to avoid Summer’s eyes.
Summer kissed her more forcefully and started taking Olive’s clothes off. She loved her perky small breasts, white with very red long nipples. She had already taken Olive’s bra down and started sucking on her nipples.
– Mmmmh, I’ve missed those, Summer said. It’s so good to suck on your tits bitch.
Olive was moaning. She loved how Summer took control of her. Already in high-school, she was always waiting for Summer to own her. Now she was more experienced but she was still craving Summer’s dominance.
They laid down on the couch and Summer took her clothes off. She put her pussy right on Olive’s face.
– Lick me now bitch. Show me how you use your mouth.
Olive started to lick Summer’s clit. Her tongue was quite long and could reach pretty deep inside her. Summer was getting so wet and riding Olive in a fast rhythm. Olive loved feeling Summer’s juice down her throat. She was almost suffocating having Summer ride her face but she couldn’t stop, licking her pussy and feeling her so wet was too much to stop.
Summer grabbed Olive’s hands and put them on her breasts.
– Squeeze them, she said.
Olive followed her directions and started to squeeze Summer’s breasts and pull on her nipples.That and Olive’s warm tongue all over her pussy made Summer come.
– Ah, Fuck! So good cunt! She said as her juice was flowing into Olive’s mouth.
– I am so wet, Olive said.
– Give it to me Baby! Summer said, going down on Olive.
She wasn’t kidding, Summer thought. Olive’s panties were soaked. Summer went right for her pussy, sucking on her right labia which was a little bigger than the left, as she remembered. That felt so good.
Right at that moment, Summer’s boyfriend Jack entered the room. Olive let a little scream when she saw him at the door of the living room.
Summer lifted her head out of Olive’s pussy and turned towards Jack.
– Hey babe, you’re early! That’s my friend Olive, from high-school. I told you about her, remember, she is doing an internship in Boston.
– What’s going on? Jack asked.
– We were just having fun, want to join? Summer replied.
Jack was standing there, a dumb look on his face. He didn’t know what to think. He knew that Summer was bi and she had talked about threesomes before but he didn’t know she was serious about it.
– I think that’s a yes, Summer said, looking at Olive with a smile. She stood up and went next to Jack, opened his pants and took his pants and boxer down before he could say anything.
– Come here bitch, she said to Olive, you’re going to suck my boyfriend for me!
Olive came, kneeled down. She loved being used by Summer and started to take Jack’s cock in her mouth. She was going back and forth, feeling his cock getting hard and looking at Summer for approval.
– Good job Olive! Summer said. Isn’t she good? She asked Jack.
– She is! Jack said, very happy with the situation.
Summer stopped Olive, pushing her back on the couch.
– Now we were interrupted just when I was going to lick your pussy dear so go back on the couch.
Olive laid down on the couch while Summer started putting her face in her pussy.
-Do me from behind Babe, she told Jack.
Jack didn’t waste any time. His cock was hard, seeing Summer licking on Olive’s pussy and he penetrated Summer from behind, going back and forth deep in her as her divine ass was shaking in front of him.
Summer was in heaven, feeling Jack’s cock deep in her and Olive’s clit under her tongue, her wet pussy dripping. Olive was squeezing her own nipples and Summer knew Olive was about to come.
When Olive couldn’t hold the rush of pleasure and her clit full of blood felt like it would explode, she came all over Summer’s face. Summer was so excited and on the brink of orgasm herself as Jack’s cock was stretching her pussy so good.
– Hold on Babe, she told Jack.
She stood up and sat on Olive’s face as the same time as she was holding her legs open for Jack.
– Come fuck her good Babe, Summer told Jack!
Jack didn’t ask twice, he penetrated Olive deep. Her tight Asian pussy felt good and he was pounding her hard while Summer started to kiss him. Summer was so excited. Olive was sucking hard on her clit. She loved riding her face and she loved seeing how Jack was fucking her hard. She was touching Olive’s clit and rubbing it as she felt Jack’s cock going back and forth in Olive.
Olive was ready to come again. Jack was pounding her so hard and she loved having Summer’s juice all over her face and feeling her clit so full.
– I am going to come Babe, Jack said, unable to hold any longer.
– Do it Babe, fill up that bitch! Summer said.
Jack came and Olive came right after him, feeling his warm cum inside her and Summer’s juice down her throat. Summer felt complete to have made both of them come and she came hard herself, triggered by Olive’s biting and sucking on her clit.
Olive got up slowly, feeling exhausted from her orgasms.
– I am going to take a shower guys.
Summer started cuddling with Jack.
– See, I told you it’d be good.
– You were right, Jack said, I can’t wait to do it again.
– We will, Summer said, but next time I am bringing back a guy. You had your fun with two pussies, it’s only fair I have fun with two cocks next time.
– ok, I guess, Jack said, not really sure of himself. He had had fun playing together with Olive so it seemed fair for Summer to have two guys.
– And don’t worry, Summer said with a laugh, I have enough holes for the two of you!
Jack wasn’t sure what she meant, but he sure was happy to have such a girlfriend.

Washing dishes

It was a rainy beginning of the afternoon and H was watching a movie at home, comfortably laying down on the couch when she got a text from J.

– I will be a little late coming back home, it said.

– when I am back, I will give you the punishment you deserve for being such a naughty girl, it continued.

H smiled. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve any punishment but she was excited and couldn’t wait for J to come home.

When she heard J coming from the back door, H was still doing the dishes. She still had several plates and utensils in the sink with soap on. J came slowly behind her.

– I am almost done, H said, turning her head with a smile. Her long hair was braided, which she often did when it was raining.

– Keep doing the dishes, J said. Actually you’re going to have to keep your hands in the sink, you’re not allowed to take them out.

While he was saying that, J started to reach for H’s breasts, touching them, caressing them. She tried to reach for his hands but J interrupted her movement:

– No, no, he said, you’ve got to finish the dishes. I’ll do what I please while you’re finishing them.

H. could feel her nipples getting hard as J was touching her.

He kept his left hand fondling her breast as his right hand started to unbutton H’s jeans. Soon he took her jeans to her knees, revealing her shapely ass in a thong,

– Smack, smack, J spanked H gently.

– You’ve been such a naughty girl today, J said.

H was about to say something but J covered her mouth,

– No, you’re not allowed to say anything. Just work on the dishes while I teach your ass a lesson.

J kept his hand on her mouth as he spanked her pretty hard. She gasped. She wanted to talk, to tell him to stop, but J’s hand prevented her. She felts the sting of the slaps on her ass.

– Smack, smack, smack, J spanked her harder

She tried to move but J was holding her firmly. Her ass was burning,

J had removed his pants and she could feel his hard cock on her. His hand went down to her throat and was firmly holding her while he started kissing and biting her ears. She let a moan out as he bit her right ear harder and she felt his cock on her skin, so hard and full of blood.

– You make me so hard, naughty girl, J said.

– I want you so bad, he said softly in her ear.

H wanted to move but her hands were still full of soap and J’s tight hold made her unable to.

J turned her head towards him and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue in her mouth. She liked it when he was kissing her like that, feeling his beard on her soft dark skin.

She felt his finger reaching for her pussy, touching her clit, opening her labia.

– You’re already so wet, dirty slut, J said.

She was.

She had been so aroused, waiting for him the whole afternoon, thinking about what he would do to her. She could feel her blood going to her clit. She could feel her labia getting full and her pussy getting moist. J fingering her had her pussy dripping with juice. He was holding her firmly with his hand on her throat, almost choking her, and still kissing her with passion.

– You make me an animal, J told her as he lifted her off the floor with his strong arms, her wet hands full of soap reaching to hold herself.

He laid her down on the couch and ripped her thong out of the way as his hard cock penetrated her.

God, it felt so good. Feeling his cock inside her, reaching so deep in her. Her pussy was on fire, she was gasping for air as her clit was full of blood and her juice was dripping on the couch. J was holding her arms up, holding them tied together with one of his hands, while his other hand was grasping her breasts, her nipples, squeezing them so hard.

As he was still holding her firmly, J started sucking on her breasts, trying to swallow them whole. Licking her nipples and sucking them was driving H crazy. Feeling his hard cock going back and forth inside her, she could feel an orgasm mounting. She couldn’t resist it.

– I want to come, she said, panting.

– No, not yet, he said as he kept pounding her harder and harder. The couch was moving on the floor as he was pushing on his legs as hard as he could to reach deep inside her. He was pulling her legs up now and thrusting his cock inside her, impaling her. The sight of her full breasts rocking back and forth was making him crazy.

– Fuck, fuck, she screamed.

– Please, let me come, she said, panting, almost out of breath. She couldn’t hold it anymore, her full clit was too much, she couldn’t feel her nipples, so hard.

– Yes baby, J said.

H came right away, her juice gushing on him.

It felt so good.

Then she felt it. Him coming inside her. His warm cum was all inside her. It was so good. He was moaning on top of her as she touched his hair gently.

He pushed her affectionately on the couch so he could cuddle with her. J embraced her with his strong arms, making sure she wouldn’t get cold. They cuddled for a while, resting. H liked feeling his breath on her, feeling his heartbeat slowing down.

J was kissing her neck, her ears. Her dark skin was so soft, her smile so calming. J moved a little and started kissing her breasts, her nipples. He loved sucking on her tender nipples. He could feel them getting harder under his tongue. He grabbed her breasts with his hands as he started to kiss down her toned abs. He kneeled down on the floor next to the couch and his tongue was soon reaching her clit. He started to kiss it, his tongue teasing it, licking her all around it then sucking on it a little.

His tongue felt so good. She liked using her magic wand vibrator when he was away but there was nothing better than his warm, wet tongue on her clit. Opening her labia with it, J was slowly warming her clit up, biting it gently. She moaned, it was so arousing. As J was thrusting his tongue inside her more forcefully, she felt a huge wave of pleasure coming.

– Don’t stop Baby, she moaned.

– Keep going.

– Slowly, she said in a soft voice as she pushed his head down on her, positioning it in the best spot.

– Fuck! Ha!… Fuck! She said, feeling another orgasm coming.

She pushed his head down.

– Yes, yes, she said as his tongue was going back and forth between her labia and her clit.

She came. It overwhelmed her. J felt her juice flowing. She pushed him away and he looked at her, happy he could satisfy her. He could see her eyes closed, her face still showing the pleasure she just had.

Feeling her juice flowing made him even harder. He wanted her so much.

He turned her around. She still had her eyes half closed when he penetrated her from behind. She moaned. Her wet pussy was so good. She was panting. He pulled on her braids as her back was arching while he was pounding her from behind. She was on all fours on the couch and he could reach so deep in her, standing behind her. Looking at her ass and his cock going in and out of her pussy was making him so hard. She had such a hot ass.

– You know all the guys want to fuck you, J said.

– Your fucking ass, your big breasts, you make all the guys so hard, you know that, don’t you! He said.

– But I am the one making you come Babe, he said as he thrusted his cock hard in her.

– Only you Baby, she moaned, and she felt his cum in her, again.

They fell on top of each others, exhausted. They were both satisfied.

She was falling asleep as he was watching her. He smiled at her and pulled a blanket on them.